The Don’s Undercover Lover by Amber Row

The Don’s Undercover Lover by Amber Row – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Mission: get close to a mafia heir, not get pregnant with his baby.

I stepped into his world as a challenger in a street race.
Dario Marchetti, known as an unstoppable predator on the asphalt,
is dangerous, alluring and the heir of the Marchetti Empire.
My mission’s clear: infiltrate the mafia and bring them down.
But as the engines revive, one look into his dark eyes and I know I’m in trouble.
I’m inches away from victory when he almost runs me over the edge.
He rescues me before the car slips into the abyss, and I’m gone with the wind.
Then a mysterious invitation to a masquerade ball brings me back in his presence.
His words caress my ears, gently massaging the hatred out of my heart.
Falling for him means betraying everything I stand for,
But the sweetness of this forbidden fruit is too succulent not to bite into.
Then my lies threaten to surface when a mole’s discovered within his ranks.
If my true identity’s revealed, it won’t just be my heart at stake.

I’m pregnant playing with fire and it’s only a matter of time before I get burned.

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