The Death of Us by C. A Mariah

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The Death of Us by C. A Mariah

From birth, we’re warned to beware of the wicked.
But in 1994, when I decided I wanted more out of life, I was never told how beautiful the wicked could be.
I didn’t know what they would do once they sunk their claws into me, or how they’d break me just for fun.
No one told me they’d like the taste of my tears almost as much as they enjoyed spilling my blood.

I wasn’t ready for the pain that came at the hands of the powerful.
I wasn’t prepared to fall apart or to meet a boy who’d put me back together.
He was forced into my life just as I was thrust into his.
We were a perfect pair. A beautiful, broken match.
And their worst nightmare.

The world painted us in crimson, but I give it to you clear.
Here lies the story of Bunny and Cade.
And the truths that were never meant to be told.

The Death of Us – C. A Mariah

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