The Cowboy’s Untamed Heart by Jamie K. Schmidt

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The Cowboy’s Untamed Heart (Sweethearts of the Rodeo #2) by Jamie K. Schmidt

Veterinarian Reba Keller has dedicated her life to ensuring her patients’ health and comfort, but when a prized bull under her watch becomes a pawn in a sinister game, Reba’s reputation hangs by a thread. Reluctantly, she asks the brooding, sexy cowboy she’s been avoiding for help.
Former rodeo star Shane Calland, may carry scars from his shattered career and broken engagement, but he’s poured his heart and soul into building a bucking bull breeding program he’s proud of. When tragedy strikes at the rodeo, Shane’s world teeters on the edge of disaster. With both of their careers on the line, Shane helps Reba’s investigation, confident he can resist his unwanted attraction to the pretty vet.
But as they work together to unravel the rodeo’s secrets, the protective walls around their hearts start to crumble.

The Cowboy’s Untamed Heart – Jamie K. Schmidt

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