The Consequences of Falling by Liliana Rose Hastings

The Consequences of Falling (Sailor Ridge #1) by Liliana Rose Hastings – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Navigating grief and personal struggles has never been easy; doing so alongside falling in love is just asking for heartache.

Haunted by his trauma, Atlas Hale is a recluse, who seeks solace in silence, navigating through life with a stone-cold expression to guard against any emotional intrusion. Shrouded by the pain of his past, Atlas has steadfastly sworn off relationships altogether. He walks a solitary path where connections are avoided to prevent the risk of further heartache. He’s content in his isolation, or at least, he thought he was until he met her.
Nova Hawkins, a lifelong dreamer, faces a profound shift when grief shadows her world after her mother’s death. Hardly grappling with her new reality, the pain only intensifies when Nova receives a poignant reminder—a bucket list and letters from her deceased mother. Realizing she isn’t healed enough to complete them alone, she stumbles upon a solution to her problem on the anniversary of her mother’s death.
Atlas has his own traumas to figure out, and the last thing that he needs is a companion. He knows that allowing Nova into his already crumbling life is a recipe for disaster. But what happens when the pair find themselves gaining far more than they garnered? Can their love endure, or will the weight of their pasts be insurmountable? Can their love withstand the fall?

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