The Bratva Queens’ Kings by Celeste Riley

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The Bratva Queens’ Kings (The Bratva Billionaires’ Club #3) by Celeste Riley

In the heart of Los Angeles’ underworld, I reign as the untouchable Bratva queen. But one night with my fiercest protectors changes everything.

I am Lana Petrov, the iron-fisted ruler of the Los Angeles Bratva.Feared and revered in equal measure, my world is one of power and peril.
My throne is unchallenged, my authority absolute.
But one night of passion with my three most trusted protectors – Luca, Roman, and Grigori – shatters the ice around my heart, leaving a surprise that will change everything.
A pregnancy in the Bratva world is more than a personal revelation; it’s a vulnerability my enemies salivate over.
Each of my protectors offers me something different:
Luca, the mastermind; Roman, the charmer; Grigori, the silent sentinel.
They are my strength, my shield against the brewing storm.
As the child grows within me, so does our bond, transforming from duty to desire, from alliance to love.
But in the Bratva, love is a weakness, and our enemies are circling, ready to strike at the heart of my empire.
Betrayals from within threaten to tear us apart, and I am forced to play a dangerous game of power and deception.
With each twist and turn, the balance of power shifts, and the future of the Los Angeles Bratva hangs in the balance.

Can I protect my empire, my protectors, and the life growing inside me?
Or will our enemies destroy everything I’ve built and fought for?
Uncover the truth in “The Bratva Queen’s Kings,” a tale of passion, power, and the unbreakable bonds of unconventional love. Will love be our salvation or our downfall?

Embark on a tantalizing journey through ‘The Bratva Billionaires’ Club’ series, where powerful mafia bosses and fierce women collide in battles of wills, danger, and desire. Each book is a seductive struggle for control and love, set against the dark backdrop of America’s ruthless Bratva underworld. Dive into a world where loyalty is everything, passion knows no bounds, and secrets are as lethal as bullets.

The Bratva Queens’ Kings – Celeste Riley

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