The Boss’s Hideaway Baby by Holly Rayner [ePub]

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The Boss’s Hideaway Baby (Billion-Dollar Babies) by Holly Rayner

New York can be a dangerous place to be a billionaire,
With his life threatened, he seeks refuge with his assistant.
But as they give into temptation, it’s not just their safety that’s at stake…
And soon, she’ll have a baby bump she just can’t hide!

Nathan Colton might be a serial dater, but his work is what really commands his attention. A real estate mogul, he loves shaping the skyline of the city he loves.
Maria Bridges is his loyal assistant, but this next task will go far beyond her job description, as what starts out as a fake date quickly spirals into a life-or-death situation!
Lying low in a Montauk beach shack, a threat to his life means Nathan is forced to stop working for the first time in what feels like forever, and he and Maria have to find other means to occupy their time.
Even as the feelings they’ve been concealing from each other are pulled into sharp focus, Nathanknows in his bones that nothing more can come of this. To give into temptation would be a sure road to pain.
But he’s going to give in nonetheless…
They’ll soon discover they can hide away from the world, but they’ll never be able to hide their true feelings, or the adorable baby that’ll soon be landing by their side!

The Boss’s Hideaway Baby – Holly Rayner

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