The Bonds of Nyx by Audrey Moore

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The Bonds of Nyx (The Daughters of Nyx #2) by Audrey Moore

Fate. Destiny. A force so powerful it could bring worlds to their knees…

Avalon, the home of the supernatural race, is claiming me as its Queen. Their current ruler needs me to return, but the organisation out to kill me still wants me dead, and they’re hunting me with the help of someone on the inside.
If I want to survive, I have to find my mates, complete the bonds, and grow my power.
Adrian, my charming mage, is mine to take. But there are others calling to my power. The grumpy shifter. The immortal vampire. And the psychic mage. I need them, even if I don’t understand it. But someone from my past is coming back to haunt me, their voice a darkness in my head, and another fights me at every point.
In order to fight the enemy, I need to be anchored by three. But destiny has other plans.

The Bonds of Nyx – Audrey Moore

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