The Bird & the Bear by Kate Vikki

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The Bird & the Bear (The Bennett Siblings #1) by Kate Vikki

Myles Wilson has spent most of his life alone. In and out of care homes as a child with a reputation he’s desperate to keep in the past, he’s been friend-fostered as an adult by local football superstar Beau Bennett, and finally landed himself his dream job—a high school art teacher. Yes, really.

Sheridan Bennett has always been the most taciturn of the Bennett quadruplets, as well as the most vibrant. Having already made a name for herself in the interior design world, she has a secret second life that only her brother and sister know about, and she’s slowly gaining notoriety there, too.

Somehow, over five years of friendship with a Bennett and countless family get-togethers, Myles has never met either of Beau’s sisters. But a week away in the urban wilderness to celebrate the quadruplets’ birthday will change all that. From kayaking to cooking to cabin parties, Sheridan and Myles find themselves drawn to one another, much to the dismay of a disgruntled Beau.

Myles must decide whether his attraction to Sheridan is worth the cost of his friendship with Beau, and Sheridan is about to find out that family is harder to wrangle than she ever realised.

The Bird & the Bear – Kate Vikki

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