The Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Nixie Finn

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The Billionaire’s Secret Baby (The Brothers of Clover Creek #2) by Nixie Finn

Phoebe Decker
I never hook up with guys before we’ve even been on our first date. But with Ben Steel, it’s different. I’ve known him my entire life, and he’s always been off-limits—my brother’s best friend.
But when we’re at his brother’s wedding, he notices me—really sees me—and I give in to temptation.
It’s not like I’m expecting a one-night stand to turn into a relationship after I go back to school, but I was hoping for something more than the rushed goodbye before I boarded the plane.
So when my sorority sister launches into her tirade about how I will never find a date for our house’s Regency Ball, I blurt Ben’s name before I can stop myself.
Tail between my legs, I send him an invitation—shocked when he actually shows up at my door.

The Billionaire’s Secret Baby – Nixie Finn

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