The Billionaire’s Mistake by Silvia Violet [ePub]

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The Billionaire’s Mistake (Bad Boy Billionaires #4) by Silvia Violet

Everyone envies me. I have it all: money, power, a perfect body. For years I’ve spent my days chasing pleasure, but now I want something else.
I don’t know what that is until I end up in bed with Laurie, my little brother’s best friend. The one man I’ve been forbidden to touch.
He’s hurting. He needs me. We try to keep our hands off each other, but we’re alone in Aruba. The sun and the water beckon, and I can’t stay away.
Then danger threatens Laurie and my brother. No matter what I have to do, I won’t let them be taken from me. I will fight to keep everyone safe and to make Laurie mine.

The Billionaire’s Mistake – Silvia Violet

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