The Billionaire’s Bad News Baby by Holly Rayner [ePub]

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The Billionaire’s Bad News Baby (Billion-Dollar Babies) by Holly Rayner

Hiding out on his private island, facing a lawsuit, a smear campaign and worse, this billionaire’s got a lot on his plate already,
Just wait till she tells him she’s having his baby!

Kayla Harvey hates her job. As a process server, delivering papers to people who are getting sued, she’s never been happy ruining people’s days. She tells herself she’ll take one last job and she’s out. And this one just so happens to take her to a villa on a secluded private island in Italy…
When a huge storm rolls in, the last thing Kayla wants to do is stick around with the guy she just served with a lawsuit, but when her boat back to the mainland disappears, she’s not left with much of a choice…
Elio Morelli may have made his fortune in wine, but he’s hardly the most social of billionaires. A lifelong workaholic, he’s less than pleased to find himself playing host to an unexpected house guest. But as days pass with no escape, he starts to learn that the stubborn little process server is unlike any woman he’s ever met before.

As fast as he finds himself falling, Elio knows there is no room in his life for a relationship,
Little does he know, his life is about to get a whole lot bigger…

The Billionaire’s Bad News Baby – Holly Rayner

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