The Billionaire’s Auction by Barb Shuler

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The Billionaire’s Auction (The Billionaire’s Club) by Barb Shuler

Rudy Ferguson is the man with the plan.
Run the family’s fortune 500 company. Make money. Make his family proud.
What he isn’t going to do is date, fall in love, or be her plus one. He’s not.
He had his mind made up.
All was working well until she walked into his life.

Ella Edwards is haunted.
Getting the job at Ferguson Financial could set her on a path to bigger and better things. Breaking her out of her shell. That is until she is found in the new bosses office with a broken heel, torn jacket and a hot mess.
As far as first impressions go, it was not the best.
If he doesn’t fire her on the spot…she may just have a chance to make something of herself.

The Billionaire’s Auction – Barb Shuler

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