The Betrayal by Ashlee Rose [ePub]

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The Betrayal (Illicit Love #3) by Ashlee Rose

I had everything.
A bright future, a Dad who loved me and his three best friends who would do anything for me.
One more than the others.
But then I lost it all.Everyone who loved me, left me.
Med student turned stripper.
Betrayed by the ones I loved the most.
All it took was one evening, one moment, and my life was spun on its axis.
My Dad’s best friend found out my darkest secret, but instead of running to my Dad, he protected me. Promising that he wouldn’t leave my side.
A forbidden affair burned like a match to gasoline.
Until it didn’t.
The secrets eventually spilled, and truths finally seeped out of us whether we wanted them to or not. Everything I had spent months building came crumbling down around me.
Betrayal lashed against my skin, and no matter how much I tried to protect myself, I couldn’t.

The Betrayal – Ashlee Rose

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