The Bet by Iona Rose [ePub]

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The Bet by Iona Rose

Sarah, Faye, and Madison have all been fired by the same boss!
And now, there’s a thousand dollars on the table if… I, who have never ever been fired before, can escape being fired by this obnoxious, arrogant, perfectionist monster of a CEO.
I’m not into pranks or childish bets, but after a few Cosmopolitans that thousand dollar cash pile just sitting there on the table, uncared for and unclaimed, amongst the empty cocktail glasses, starts winking at me.
My brain starts seriously asking, ‘Why not? You could do with the money.’
Suddenly my mouth opens and I’m saying, “Fine, I’ll do it.”
I only realize what a grave mistake I’ve made when I arrive for work.
They hadn’t exaggerated.

The Bet – Iona Rose

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