The Backup Plan by Rebekah Reese

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The Backup Plan (Stadium Lights Romances #1) by Rebekah Reese

After his friend’s disappearance catapults bench-warmer Cameron Porter into an exclusive club of elite college quarterbacks, he has to face more than just lights, cameras, and a sadistic P.R. crew chief. About to crack under the off-field pressure, he can’t string together a sentence around the girl of his dreams—Avery Whitman, a fellow art student and the only girl in the world who might understand him outside of football. But when he sees her in the arms of their new linebacker—a god-tier athlete whosings like Sinatra—Cam knows he waited too long.

“You’ve got to be down to rally for a comeback, and I am so sick of losing before I can even hope to win.”
Avery’s got an agenda of her own, though, and Cam’s heart is at the top of her list. She knows he’s got his sights set far beyond the locker room gossip, and if she can break free of her creative funk, the final play of the game will place everything they love under the lights.

The Backup Plan – Rebekah Reese

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