The Bachelor Mr Darcy by Julie Cooper

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The Bachelor Mr Darcy (The Gentleman Mr Darcy) by Julie Cooper

Here I am, surrounded by heiresses without so much as a murmur from my heart

MR FITZWILLIAM DARCY’S FAMILY has decided it is time for him to select a wife and marry. To that end, Pemberley is suddenly inundated with eligible young ladies vying for his time and attention. Disinterested in the notion, Mr Darcy’s attention is on his myriad other troubles. He has a London journalist whose attention has suddenly has turned towards him with unsavoury and false rumours, and lives with a wounded Colonel Fitzwilliam whose sanity has been called into question. To add to that he finds himself surprisingly and suddenly captivated by one fine-eyed young lady who is visiting Pemberley.

The Bachelor Mr Darcy – Julie Cooper

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