The Arrangement by K.C. Crowne

The Arrangement (Silver Fox Daddies #17) by K.C. Crowne – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

He’s old enough to be my father.He might have killed my ex-boyfriend.And his scandalous offer leaves me speechless.Not only is my ex dead, he left me with a sizable loan.So an intimidating Russian mobster arrives at my door.Maksim, with his piercing dark eyes, sparks a fire within me.He proposes the unthinkable: repay him with my body.I immediately reject his offer … but the indecent proposal haunts me for days.In the privacy of my bed, the handsome silver fox dominates my thoughts.I touch myself gently and scream his name in abandon.A knock at the door startles me.It’s Maksim.He bugged my apartment.And now he’s here to claim what we both desperately need.

The Arrangement – K.C. Crowne ePUB

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