The Alpha’s Humiliated Mate by Sansa Moon

The Alpha’s Humiliated Mate (Moondust Hollow Wolves #1) by Sansa Moon – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

The Alpha humiliated me publicly. Then he knocked me up.
His betrayal devastated me, but I’ve grown up and licked my wounds.
Now his enemies task me with winning the Mating Games and his heart.
I thought it was my chance to get revenge. But he uses it against me instead…

He’s a ruthless Alpha who rules his pack with an iron fist.
He rejected me and exiled my family, making me hate him.
I know the icy heart underneath his fur better than anyone.
And I’d rather die than getting betrayed by it again.

But the tests I’m subjected to force me to expose myself to him.
They force me to show him the shameful reactions of my body.
I have to accept how he strokes my most vulnerable parts, making his baby grow inside of me.
I have to accept how he penetrates every vein in my body with his poison and his treacherous love.

Can the Alpha heal the deepest of me?

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