The Aftermath by Erin Trejo [ePub]

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The Aftermath (The Kings and Gods #2) by Erin Trejo

Silas is a man who knows what he wants, and he wants Angel. As a King, Silas lives in a society where those who have power have become infected with greed. He works with his best friends and members of the Gods to rescue those who are the most vulnerable in the world. As the time approaches when the Kings will be presented with their selected Queens, Silas approaches their leader with the intention of securing his choice of Queen for himself. What happens next brings skeletons out of the cupboard, exposes betrayals, and forces Silas to make decisions that may destroy his world. Angel has always been drawn to Silas and knows he’s the one who visits her at night. The things he does to her body make her feel alive. When Silas discovers the secret she’s been hiding for six years, his need to protect her and seek vengeance becomes his only mission. Can Silas and Angel survive the betrayal? Will those exiled with them come out unscathed when the smoke clears?

The Aftermath – Erin Trejo

Download The Aftermath by Erin Trejo [ePub]

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