Texting My Mafia Temptation by Flora Ferrari

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Texting My Mafia Temptation (Texting the Marino Mafia #4) by Flora Ferrari

He kidnapped me to save me, but now we must fight our desires, or risk losing everything.
As a mafia princess, I have no choice when my father arranges my marriage to a terrifying stranger. But there’s someone even more dangerous: Dante Bianchi, the devastatingly handsome, ripped, and intensely brooding mafia enforcer working security the night my husband-to-be goes too far.
To protect me, Dante must make me disappear. Trapped in his luxurious penthouse prison, with only a cell phone connecting me to the outside world, the simmering tension between us boils over into steamy encounters that make me question if I truly want to escape.
But as we return to reality, we must bury our secrets. Can we hide the truth of that fateful night, or will the Family discover that Dante Bianchi killed a man for me, and tear us apart forever?

Texting My Mafia Temptation – Flora Ferrari

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