Tell Me No Lies by Janice Whiteaker

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Tell Me No Lies (Sinners and Saints #2) by Janice Whiteaker

I used to love working.
There was nothing I enjoyed more than seeing the auto shop I built from the ground up thriving, showing how far I’d managed to come in this brutal world.
Then I hired Piper.
Now she’s everywhere. At the front desk all day and right next door all night, infiltrating my life.
My thoughts.
I can’t deny wanting her, but there’s a line, and my name on the bottom of her paychecks is it. I’m supposed to be a safe haven for the women who work for me. Touching Piper the way I want to isn’t an option.
When we’re forced to play husband and wife, any semblance of control I had concerning her snaps. Having her at my side, helping me save women from men drunk on power, shows me just how fearless Piper is. How willing she is to put herself in danger to save someone who can’t save themselves.
There’s no limit to what I’m willing to do to keep her safe. To make her happy.
To make her mine.
Especially once I find out she’s carrying my baby.

Tell Me No Lies – Janice Whiteaker

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