Teddy by Catherine Lievens

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Teddy (Mutants #5) by Catherine Lievens

A retired hunter doesn’t deserve to be a Nix’s mate.

When Teddy’s best friend is kidnapped, Teddy doesn’t hesitate to run to the rescue. He also doesn’t hesitate to punch the kidnapper in the face.
Even though the man is his mate.
Perseus had a good reason to kidnap Leon—it’s the only way for his brother to heal. Now, he and Orion are prisoners, and Perseus doesn’t trust any of the people around him.
But Perseus doesn’t have a choice. Orion decided that he wants to live in the village with the mutants, and Perseus isn’t about to leave him behind. His mistrust of the leaders doesn’t matter, and neither does his bickering with Teddy.

Teddy is torn over having a retired hunter as his mate and knows that whatever he does, Perseus won’t make it easy. He doesn’t believe he deserves any happiness, but Teddy is set to show him that he does.
If Perseus gives him a chance.

Teddy – Catherine Lievens

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