Tate: Gemini King by Jamila Jasper

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Tate: Gemini King (Zodiac Small Town Romance) by Jamila Jasper

Do you trust a Gemini man?
Natasha, a superstitious half-Haitian college student, practices “birthday racism” like you wouldn’t believe.

While cutting off every Gemini she knows from social media and the rest of her life, she makes one critical mistake.
Moving in with one.
Her roommate, Tate Whitmarsh is the worst man she has ever met.
Natasha downloads a spell off the internet planning to “change her circumstances” and hopefully curse Tate to an untimely passing.
There must have been a glitch in the spirit-world because instead of sudden death, the most powerful snowstorm the East Coast has ever seen covers their small Central New York town in sixteen feet of snow.
Trapped in a freezing apartment with her worst enemy, a failed magic spell and no chance at escape, Natasha’s efforts to wrestle the universe into submission backfire in a major way.

A Gemini man is creative, attractive, and talkative so expect plenty of banter in this book as Natasha fights her powerful attraction to her worst enemy.

Tate: Gemini King – Jamila Jasper

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