Tangled Threads Of Fate by Grace McGinty

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Tangled Threads Of Fate (Hanging By A Thread #1) by Grace McGinty

You should go to Crete if you want to survive. Amourgeles. They’ll come for you soon.

I’d lived in the city for a long time, and working the drive-thru window of coffee shop meant I’d seen some things. From blowjobs to furries. Sometimes furries getting blowjobs. Let’s face it, no one was at their best when they were uncaffeinated.
So a strange lady with a creepy monotone prediction wasn’t that odd. Normally, I would have just shrugged it off as just another day in Boston.
Except a whole bunch of other weird shit had happened to me in the last three months.
I’d started seeing golden streaks of light. I thought it was a brain tumor, but it turned out to be pregnancy. Didn’t matter that I hadn’t gotten laid in nearly a year after I caught my ex-boyfriend banging his hairy Albanian superintendent.
I’d rationalized the improbability away the best I could. Maybe I was one of those people who sleep walked and had a whole other life at night. Or maybe that one night I went out and got drunk at my co-workers farewell was a little wilder than I remembered.
But it was hard to rationalize away a shadow monster attacking me while I was watching reality television, or that my grumpy neighbor, Nate, grew two feet and killed it with a giant ax that glowed like pure light.
The shadow monsters kept coming. The weird shit kept happening. Eventually, an unexpected trip to the Greek Islands was my only option.
But nothing–not the crazy prophecies to weird shadow monsters–could have prepared me for what I found in Crete.

Tangled Threads Of Fate – Grace McGinty

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