Taming Drew by L.B. Burns [ePub]

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Taming Drew (A Bad Boy Anthology Story #3) by L.B. Burns

Drew King is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the field. As the Dallas Mustangs All-Star Tight End and ultimate bad boy of the league, his antics have landed him in hot water more times than the paparazzi can count. But when his career is threatened by his repeat reckless behavior, Drew finds himself facing his toughest opponent yet—his own reputation.
Enter Chloe Tayler, a fiercely independent single mom and no-nonsense accountant who wants nothing to do with Drew and his bad boy persona. Having endured her fair share of disappointments in the past, Chloe has no interest in rescuing the man who tormented her in high school. But when her boss asks her to step in and help Drew during his time of need, Chloe reluctantly agrees, unaware that fate has other plans in store.

As Drew and Chloe find themselves thrust together in close quarters, old sparks reignite and forbidden desires ignite. But with Drew’s career on the line and Chloe’s heart guarded by walls of steel, can these two opposites find common ground? Or will their sizzling attraction only lead to more trouble?

Taming Drew – L.B. Burns

Download Taming Drew by L.B. Burns [ePub]

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