Talon by Pepper North

Talon (Shadowridge Guardians MC #6) by Pepper North – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

“Buttercup, try that one more time and see what happens…”Elizabeth Sinclair has just escaped from a lackluster marriage and isn’t about to try that again. She’s ready to spread her wings and find the one she really needs in her life–a Daddy with all the moves to make her heart skip beats. She’s sure she must be dying when her heart rate skyrockets upon meeting a tattooed, young motorcycle club troublemaker.
Talon Deveraux enjoys flirting with pretty women. When a petite blonde makes him take a second and third look, he pays attention. He has no doubt she’s his when Elizabeth puts him firmly in his place.Changing her mind and spicing up her life to make sure she’ll never get bored becomes his goal.

Talon – Pepper North ePUB

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