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Taking Over (The Billionaire’s Successor #3) by Rebecca Kinkade

Two multinational companies. A fifty-billion-dollar deal. A twisted, taboo contract. Everything is riding on one steamy night between a billionaire’s daughter and a stormy CEO.

Accomplished, acerbic, and infamously attractive CEO Gus Winter is finally going to sell his company to Davenport-Ridgeway—a move insiders have anticipated for fifteen years. It’s the deal of the century. On the other hand, jet-setting socialite Julia Ridgeway, whose billionaire father is the Chairman of Davenport-Ridgeway, couldn’t care less about the acquisition if she tried. So, it’s no surprise she doesn’t realize the insanely hot man she verbally decimated at her father’s birthday party just so happens to be—you guessed it—Gus Winter. Now, Gus refuses to sell his company…unless Julia spends one night with him.
But what Gus doesn’t realize is that nobody can tell Julia Ridgeway what to do. Not her billionaire father, not her ambitious older brother, and definitely not Gus. She’ll agree to Gus’s terms, but there’s no way she’s going to make it easy.But that’s perfect because Gus had zero intention of making it easy for the quick-witted heiress who rejected him either.
With everything riding on these two alphas (who couldn’t have less in common…other than a magnetic, ravenous, physical attraction to the other) the deal is uncertain. In fact, only one thing is certain: Julia and Gus both pissed off the wrong billionaire.

Taking Over is a full-length standalone, alpha male, enemies-to-lovers romance novel about two strong-willed billionaires who are used to getting what they want…until they meet each other. Teeming with dark sarcasm and international hookups with a slight age gap, this novel has no cheating or cliffhangers. This novel contains high steam scenes and dialogue. HEA guaranteed!
This is the third novel in the Billionaire’s Successor series, but can be read independently.

Taking Over – Rebecca Kinkade

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