Taken By the Felida King by Mary Ashe

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Taken by the Felida King (Abducted By the Ruthless Royal) by Mary Ashe

Unlucky in love until a king snares her in his claws and claims her as his own

Arboriculturist Seraiah Vedure gift for growing things doesn’t translate to cultivating love. But she’s done settling. Needing space, she runs to the sanctuary of her beloved orchard and crashes into the unyielding frame of the neighboring territory’s king. He’s tall. He’s sizzling hot.
He’s abducting her?
Trapped with this royal who claims she’s his kingdom’s savior isn’t exactly the love connection she hoped for. Except, even as she plans her escape, she has to admit she feels drawn towards the golden-eyed cat king who purrs when she’s near and who wants to make her his queen.

Legend says when the ancient trees fall, so goes the kingdom. Felida King Zarin Aurata isn’t about to let that happen, not after all he’s sacrificed to protect his people. When a lucrative diplomatic trip hands him the arboreal expert he desperately needs, he pounces. He never expected the gorgeous woman to be his true mate.
Reprising his people’s bygone tradition of bride theft, he steals her away and claims her as his queen. Now, he needs to convince her that his love is true and, if she opens her heart, he’ll give her everything she desires.

Taken by the Felida King – Mary Ashe

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