Taken By the Devilish King by Rhys Wilder [ePub]

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Taken By the Devilish King (Abducted by the Ruthless Royal) by Rhys Wilder

My biggest fan abducted me. Did I mention he’s also an alien king?

I’m at the peak of my career. My sci-fi movie franchise is breaking the box office with every release. All my dreams are coming true.
So of course that’s when everything goes wrong.
Taken from my planet and locked up far away from home should be a nightmare, but the man in charge is anything but.
King Lofy is big, blue and devilishly handsome and when he looks at me it’s as if I’m looking at a golden retriever. So eager to make me happy in every way possible.
But he’s still my alien abductor and I’m still his prisoner queen.
I shouldn’t want him. I shouldn’t dream of him. I shouldn’t want to please him.
Yet with every passing day that’s the only thing I crave.
I have to get out. I have to find my way home. And if I must, I’ll use him to make it happen.
After all, he’s using me too.
I can do it. I’m sure I can. And I won’t fall in love in the process.
No, I won’t.

Taken By the Devilish King – Rhys Wilder

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