Sworn to the Orc by Evangeline Anderson

Sworn to the Orc (Hidden Hollow #1) by Evangeline Anderson – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Hi, I’m Sarah and my life is a mess. I lost my online job and my rent just doubled…
Luckily, just when I was at my lowest point, a strange messenger came to my apartment. He had an envelope that contained my Grandmother’s last will and testament. Only…I had forgotten all about her. How was that possible?

I was about to find out. When a mysterious door appeared in my living room, I walked through it…and found myself in the world of Hidden Hollow–a snug New England town where it’s inexplicably always Autumn. A magic bubble surrounds the town, making sure that no one without magic talent can come in. But where does that leave me? I don’t have any magic…do I?
Surprise—it turns out I’m descended from a long line of witches. At least, that’s what the scary Orc who chased me through the backyard of my new house told me after he calmed down. Also there’s a curse on my family and apparently I’m the one who’s supposed to break it—but how?

Who knows what Hidden Hollow holds for me? And should I be getting so close to the Orc next door? Are humans and Orcs compatible that way? I’d better find out quick because trouble is brewing and I’m going to need a man—or an Orc—to stand by my side when the storm breaks.
Because in Hidden Hollow…anything is possible.

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