Sweet Poison by Georgia Le Carre

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Sweet Poison by Georgia Le Carre

There’s a new man in town. He rolled in with his little girl a few days ago. A real head turner too: tall, dark, and impossibly dashing…
He sure turned my head and popped my cherry one hot night not so long ago… and oh my, what a night it was?
I waited for him to call, but he didn’t. I get it. It was just a one-night stand.
Naturally, he’s sent all the unmarried ladies in our little town into a baking frenzy. See who can impress him the most with their sweet smiles and their ‘welcome’ cakes. Some of those smiles are pretty sultry and the cakes are finger lickin’ good too, I’ll give them that, but I have a feeling they haven’t got a hope in hell of roping him.
He’s a wild horse. He ain’t staying.
He wears baseball caps and jeans from Target, and he drives the plainest plain Jane of them all, a beat-up, gray Chevy Impala, but he doesn’t fool me. Not one bit. In fact, going to all that trouble to pretend he’s Mr. Ordinary makes me even more suspicious.
One look into those mysterious blue eyes and I know he’s hiding something. Something big.
He says he’s an accountant and folk who’ve used his services claim he knows his stuff, that he legally saved them a whole bunch of money.
But I keep thinking, why does a law-abiding accountant need a specially built panic room in his house?
Something’s not right, but when he touches me, he lights a fire inside me that burns so bright and beautiful I can’t help myself. I forget… the man’s not for keeps. And he’s gonna break my heart into little itty-bitty pieces.

A Full Length Standalone Novel.

Sweet Poison – Georgia Le Carre

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