Sweaters & Never by Heather C. Myers

Sweaters & Never (The Crestwood Elite Hockey Academy #4) by Heather C. Myers, Frankie Cardona – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I’ve waited two years for this. And now that she’s helpless and desperate, I can finally ruin her the way she ruined me. Only much, much worse.
ConnorTwo years ago, Brooke Westwood and I shared one perfect night together.Unfortunately for me, that so-called perfect night ruined my life.She told.She wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, but she did.I was a revered NHL player, but thanks to her reckless little mouth, the Detroit Serpents released me from my contract.Now, I’m a professor at an elite academy specializing in professional hockey development.Wondering how I pulled it off? Easy. I blackmailed Brooke’s father into getting me a position.Everyone knows he has vices, and exploiting them is only one thing off my list.The next?Get my revenge.Brooke Westwood destroyed me. I intend to pay her back… with interest.And now that her father is in over his head, he has no choice but to come to me for help.And the only thing I want?Brooke, on her knees, begging me to save her father.And that’s only the beginning.
BrookeI am so screwed, and it’s all my idiot father’s fault.Ever since my mom died, I’ve known he has a problem.Gambling.But I never thought he’d get this careless.Borrowing money from Alexander Wolfe isn’t something one does unless you know you can pay him back on time.And if not…My life is on the line. Apparently, I caught the attention of his youngest son, and he’s just as savage as his fatherI need an out, and the only person I can turn to is the one person I hate most.Connor Bradley broke my heart two years ago when I was barely eighteen and thought…Well, it doesn’t matter what I thought.I’d almost rather die than ask him for help, but if I want to save my father and myself, I don’t have a choice.

Sweaters & Never – Heather C. Myers, Frankie Cardona ePUB

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