Summer Nights by Weston Parker

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Summer Nights by Weston Parker

Fatherhood isn’t sexy.
Especially as a single dad.

My son is everything, but I’m losing time with him because of my work.
Not this summer.
This summer is about us, sunshine, time on the lake, and bonding.
And her.
The first time I lay eyes on her, she’s in a bikini.
And in my way.
She grates on my last nerve.
But there’s nowhere to hide from her in this small town.
Maybe it’s a good thing she found me.

This girl has the sort of heart that makes a man crazy.
Her body in that bikini doesn’t hurt, either.
And the way she is with my son?
Well, that’s enough to push me over the edge.
One thing is for sure.
We’ll remember these summer nights forever.

Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~ Weston

Summer Nights – Weston Parker

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