Succumbed by Ashley Jacobs

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Succumbed (South Bay Billionaires #3) by Ashley Jacobs, S. S. Rich

Succumbed is a spicy contemporary billionaire romance about the female founder of the best venture capital firm in the Bay, and the three men who want nothing less than her complete surrender.
Multiple love interests
Mature FMC
She’s the billionaire
Workplace romance
Lots of “yes sir”
Guaranteed HEA
Four hot-shot start-up founders walked into my VC firm three years ago hoping for an investment but mistook me for an assistant. After listening to their pitch, I showed them the door. Now, three of them are back seeking a second chance and my help taking down their conniving former partner.

There’s Declan, the brooding businessman with a mind for strategy and a sharp tongue. Linc, the life-of-the-party engineer with a devilish smile. And Shane, the mysterious tech genius with piercing blue eyes that see far more than they should. Despite our history, there’s something about them that draws me in.
My business is my life–I’ve given everything to build a legacy I’m proud of. And I’ve never taken my eyes off the prize. But when our boardroom activities spill into the bedroom, my world turns upside down.
I’m Lex Livingston, the respected and admired female founder of Athena Ventures, the most successful VC in the Bay. But when I’m on my knees for the three of them, all I want is to succumb. And, somehow, they know just what I need.

Can my heart survive them? I don’t know if I’m prepared to find out.

Succumbed is the third full-length standalone in the South Bay Billionaires series. This story features a powerful billionaire female lead who finds mutliple love interests who know just what she needs. Guaranteed happily ever after. Recommended for 18+ only.

Succumbed – Ashley Jacobs, S. S. Rich


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