Stuck with my Enemy Protector by E.A. Herrick

Stuck with my Enemy Protector by E.A. Herrick – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I can’t stand her, but a crash brings us together.
Survival is our only option.As a seasoned private charter pilot, I’m accustomed to clear skies and seamless flights.Paige, a captivating, confident, gorgeous power attorney determined to make partner, dives headfirst into a cryptic legal case.She needs to get to Hawaii, and fast.Mid-flight, disaster strikes.Engine one fails. Then engine two fails.We’re hurtling toward a crash landing in the middle of the Pacific.I manage to land on a deserted island after placing a distress call.Survival becomes our priority.Amidst the danger, our connection deepens.Our passions swirl under a canopy of stars..Paige’s resilience in the face of adversity only fuels my desire.It soon becomes clear that the plane was sabotaged and someone wants her dead.I vow to protect her at all cost, for she has become my reason to live.

Stuck with my Enemy Protector – E.A. Herrick ePUB

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