Stuck in Love by Jenny Bunting

Stuck in Love: Three Sexy Forced Proximity Novellas by Jenny Bunting – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

For three friends in San Francisco, fate needs to give them a little nudge toward love.
An airplane flight, an elevator, and a roller coaster are the fairy godmothers in these three sexy forced proximity novellas, bound in an exciting second edition of this paperback, recently updated with all new bonus content!
Please Be Seated: Erin is down in dumps when Landon walks onto her flight and sits next to her. From stinky feet to a runaway chihuahua, Landon’s heroism and optimism makes Erin fall hard, but he doesn’t believe their cosmic connection is fate.
In Case of Emergency: Cassie has not seen her heinous ex-boss Smith since she quit. Now, a chance elevator breakdown will force Cassie and Smith to face each other…and their undeniable attraction.
For Your Safety: With his black socks and cargo shorts, Henry is not Raegan’s type at all. However, a blind date and a malfunctioning roller coaster makes Raegan realize that her soulmate comes in an unconventional package.
Author Note: These novellas were previously published as individual titles. They have been slightly updated for this edition.

Stuck in Love: Three Sexy Forced Proximity Novellas – Jenny Bunting ePUB

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