Striker by Fanny Lee Savage

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They are ours to do with as we please. Those are our direct orders.To make her, them, ours, and by the time we’re done with them, they’ll do anything and everything we ask.
In twenty-four hours, Delilah’s life took an unexpected turn. When she and her best-friend Cora decided to have a night of fun with four hot masked men, they never expected what would come next.Now? The two woman wake to everyone’s worst nightmare.They’re being held captive by the very men they met the night before.Revenge.Secrets.Betrayal.Striker has orders, but as hours bleed into days, he and his brother’s find it more and more difficult to keep themselves and their captives in check. Despite their intent to break Delilah and Cora, Striker and his brothers find it increasingly difficult to view the women as mere pawns for revenge. An undeniable, carnal desire takes root, blurring the lines between captors and captives. Tendrils of obsession begin weaving through their dynamic, challenging their single-minded focus on vengeance.
Delilah:The cold is the first thing I feel when my eyes blink open. It cuts through the sleeve of my shirt, moves like acid under my skin. My exposed legs break out in goose bumps, and a shiver shakes my body, making me draw my legs up.Awareness peels back in layers and I notice four things at once: My hands are still bound behind my back, I’m lying on a hard surface, and the thin material still covers my head, leaving me in blackness.And my feet are bare.A violent rush of memories floods my mind, hitting me like a tidal wave.The terror. My father forced to his knees. His rage. Clyde. Cora’s terrified screams. Gunshots ringing in my ears. Blood pooling at my feet.And then, them.Him.Reaper’s words ring in my head.And I’m here for revenge.
Cora:The four men I let pleasure me last night have taken us and it’s all Rune’s fault. How? I’m not sure yet, but things tend to reveal themselves when they’re ready. And people love to talk about why they do the things they do. I have a feeling if I wait it out and survive long enough, they’ll reveal why they took us.I just have to do as they ask until then.I’ve been lying awake in this cold room long enough to know I’m in a house that is somewhere near the ocean. The distant sound of waves crashing are too loud to be a lake and it’s cold as fuck in here, so that means we’re further north.Delly. She must be so sacred and worried. She’s always been protective of me and not knowing if I’m okay is going to eat her alive. But she’s smart. She will remember what Rune said when they took us, and figure out this is some sort of revenge plot to get Rune to pay up. Which means they won’t hurt us.Or at least we won’t be killed.I think.
Striker:They are ours to do with as we please.Those are our direct orders.To make her, them, ours, and by the time we’re done with them, they’ll do anything and everything we ask.It’s amazing what can be learned when you crave affection. Touch. Even if the person teaching you is not worthy of yours.In order for Delilah to let go of all the false things she’s learned in her life, she needs to be broken apart and reconstructed. She now knows that if she stays inside, she’ll be safe. I told her as much. She knows if she clears her plate, or doesn’t protest, she’ll not get the same knuckle cracking lessons we got as children. Delilah knows as long as she follows orders, things will turn out well for her.
And when she can take the consequences of her actions, she’ll be rewarded.

Striker – Fanny Lee Savage ePUB

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