Stone by KB Winters

Stone (Reckless Souls MC California #12) by KB Winters – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

When your best friend is your biggest rival—Who can you trust?Five years ago, I blew out of Opey like a bat outta hell with blood on my hands. Now, I’m back to claim my rightful spot in the club and win over the one person I never should have left.Ivy.But Ivy’s moved on in my absence. She’s fallen into the arms of my best friend, Grayson, and they’re building a life together. It’s messed up, having to square off against a brother just to get back what used to be mine.Just as I’m trying to figure things out with Ivy, an enemy from my violent past comes gunning for me, looking to settle the score. They’re out for blood, and not just mine.Every part of my life is under threat, especially the fragile truce I’m trying to build with Grayson, and my second shot with Ivy.This is no time for playing it safe. Everything’s on the line—my future with Ivy, my brotherhood with Grayson, and hell, my very existence. I’m not just here to reclaim my old life; I’m here to start the one I always wanted.At the head of the club.And nothing’s going to stop me this time.

Stone – KB Winters ePUB

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