Stolen Bride for the Don by Mila Sutton

Stolen Bride for the Don (Beaufort Legacy) by Mila Sutton – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Andrea, a.k.a. the Beaufort Princess, is the epitome of determination, sass and class.
She’s dangerously sexy. Notoriously untouchable. And now, she’s all mine.I know what I like when I see it.And no one is stopping me from taking what I want.I need a bride. She needs a real man.We’re a perfect match.
Hudson, a.k.a Massimo Moratti, the ruthless Don of the Rhode Island Mafia.He’s my captor, my fiancé and other than caffeine, my most heinous obsession.I swore off the life of crime when I left the family business years ago.I hate him for dragging me back into it–literally.He took me. Caged me like his little pet.But to keep my brothers safe, I’ll agree to marry him.But don’t worry, I won’t give it all up that easily. I am a princess after all.

Stolen Bride for the Don – Mila Sutton ePUB

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