Stay by Briana Michaels

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Stay (Next Level #4) by Briana Michaels

I’ve never stayed anywhere too long, and always kept my heart in a cage.
Until I met Cole.
I shared everything with him—my history, my body, and secretly my heart. But we weren’t meant to last. He had dreams of becoming a world-famous architect, and I had to work through my damaging past.
So I gave us both what we needed: A chance.
Dropping back into Cole’s life after five years of no contact might bite me in the ass, but I can’t stay away a minute longer. Our reunion quickly turns into an inferno of passion, but I have a confession to make. One that might destroy everything.
I’ve built the perfect life, but it’s still missing one thing: Haley.
Five years ago, she drove away, taking my heart with her, and I’ve never fully recovered. Now she’s back, and the feelings I’ve buried roar to life all over again, because there is one unshakeable truth.
Haley is mine.
She says she’s back for good and wants a future with me. So why does it feel like she’s going to run again?

Stay – Briana Michaels

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