Static by Cathleen Cole

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Static (The Vikings MC: Tucson Chapter #8) by Cathleen Cole, Frank Jensen

He’ll break every law known to man to keep her safe…

As a lawyer and prospect in a motorcycle club, I walk the line between two worlds.
But when I met Gwen, a single mother with a heart of gold and a past full of pain, everything started to change.
I no longer care what side of the law I’m on, I’ll do whatever it takes.
I’m not just fighting for my club, but also for the woman I love and the children I want to protect with every fiber of my being.
With a corrupt district attorney threatening to destroy everything, and past events making Gwen shy away from me, can I hold it all together?
Protecting my family is my number one concern, but when you’re fighting memories, you can’t always win.

I thought I’d never trust another man after what my ex-husband did to me.
But then I met Static.
How can I protect my heart when I want to hand it to him on a silver platter?
We’ve been dancing around one another, but I know my time to decide is growing short.
He’s proven he cares and will protect me and my children at any cost, yet I’m torn.
Can I trust my intuition? Can I really trust him?
As the danger around us grows, I’m forced to confront my deepest fears.
Will my inability to let go of the past destroy any future we may have?

Static – Cathleen Cole, Frank Jensen

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