Stars May Burn by Alice Ivinya [ePub]

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Stars May Burn (Stars May Burn #1) by Alice Ivinya

Some stars shine. Others cause the world to burn.

With Lady Sophie’s husband still warm in his grave, and her reputation stained from being unable to produce an heir, the last thing she expects is her father to arrange a rushed wedding. The groom is none other than General Kasten, the illegitimate son of the King.
The same man who is feared and hated by the entire realm.
Still, she has been trained to be the dutiful wife and accepts her role without complaint. Yet how can she hope to be the spouse she is expected to be when the General is frequently absent and seems to be hiding dark secrets that cause her curiosity to burn?
Kasten’s luck is running out. With the King and his court eager to see him dead, he knows he must marry or risk his lands falling into the wrong hands. His plan seemed a simple one; marry the woman he has always secretly admired but keep his distance to avoid forming an attachment. After all, he will likely be dead within the year.
No need to cause her unnecessary anguish.
It doesn’t take long for Kasten to realize he’s misjudged the beautiful widow. Sophie misses nothing and is learning dangerous truths that could get them both killed. Kasten has always been willing to lay down his life in the name of peace but he will not allow them to harm her.
To keep his bride safe, he would burn the kingdom to the ground.

Stars May Burn – Alice Ivinya

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