Stalked By the Soldier by Emma Bray [ePub]

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Stalked by the Soldier (Stalking A–Z) by Emma Bray

No amount of military training could have prepared me for the bombshell that is Erica…

I’m back from deployment and craving some sense of normalcy when I see her. The pretty little redhead is like a bright ray of sunshine after all the darkness I’ve seen.
She’s too good for me.
I should avoid her.
But God, I can’t help it.
She’s all I can think about.
So, I stalk her.

Obsessive, possessive and over the top, these men will do anything to get the women they love. But their love is all-consuming and knows no boundaries—so much so that they become stalkers.
Forget sugar and spice and everything nice. These stalkers will show you how it’s done, from A to Z!

Stalked by the Soldier- Emma Bray

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