Stalked By the Rancher by Emma Bray

Stalked by the Rancher (Stalking A–Z) by Emma Bray – Download this book in ePUB or in PDF for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A rugged rancher finds his heart lassoed by unexpected love when he crosses paths with a spirited high school student.
Sawyer Blackwood.The untamed cowboy whose very presence sets the Texas ranchlands ablaze.At thirty-two, he’s a force of nature with a chiseled physique and a swagger that could charm the stars from the sky. He doesn’t want for anything, but when his gaze falls upon Nora Davenport, the electrifying 18-year-old spitfire who ignites a fire in him unlike any other, all bets are off.Sawyer is a man accustomed to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Nora, the vivacious young woman with a spirit as wild as the wind.But Nora is the daughter of his new hired hand.He’s way too old for her.He has no business getting involved with her.But he can’t stay away from her.So, he watches her obsessively.Jealously.Possessively.Look but don’t touch. That’s what he tells himself.He secretly burns for her, but will his flames turn into a wildfire that consumes him whole?

Stalked by the Rancher – Emma Bray ePUB

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