Spin Serve by Nicole Pyland

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Spin Serve (Sports #8) by Nicole Pyland

Aspen Ashley had been a beach volleyball star on the court for years now, but due to an issue with a previous partner, this was her first real shot to represent the US at the Olympics. She would let nothing stand in her way this time, and that included her new neighbor, who happened to be the sideline reporter she was interviewed by after nearly every tournament.
Kendra Bowie finally bought her first house and wasn’t expecting to find Aspen living in the one next door, but the proximity to her favorite player and longtime crush gave Kendra a chance to let go of her past little by little and move toward a future when she discovered that Aspen might just feel the same way she did.
As Aspen attempts to make the Olympic team while also falling in love, Kendra worries that she might not be able to let go of everything holding her back, and it might cost her Aspen if she doesn’t.

Spin Serve – Nicole Pyland

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