Song of Memories by Molly Tullis

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Song of Memories (The Asphodel #5) by Molly Tullis

In the heart of ancient Greece, where myths and mortals intertwine, a haunting tale of love and choices resurfaces. Eurydice, a nymph whose grace and wildness rival that of the goddesses, finds her world shattered when Orpheus, the gifted musician whose melodies once echoed through their lives, rejoins her in the Underworld. Infamously abandoned by him forty years earlier, she is torn between the ghost of her past and the wild, untamed spirit of Pan, the mischievous god of the wild who has loved her for centuries.
Orpheus, now a specter in the Underworld, attempts to rekindle the flames of their unfinished love, his haunting melodies pulling at the strings of Eurydice’s heart. Meanwhile, Pan, with his wild nature and unyielding devotion, offers her a different kind of love, one grounded in the present and the vibrant essence of life.
As the harmonies of affection play again, Eurydice faces an impossible choice. Pan, with his allure of freedom, and Orpheus, with his haunting echoes, both vie for Eurydice’s affection, leaving her torn between a love resurrected from the depths of the Underworld and a love that has bloomed amidst kindred souls.
Will Eurydice embrace the echoes of her past, or will she succumb to the wild, untamed spirit that beckons her toward an uncertain yet vibrant future? “Song of Memories” is a captivating saga of love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of choice, set against the backdrop of ancient Greece.

Song of Memories – Molly Tullis

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