Somebody’s Watching Me by Chloe I. Miller [ePub]

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Somebody’s Watching Me (Haven House #3) by Chloe I. Miller

Nothing Lasts Forever
They say you can never go home again, but that couldn’t be further from the truth for Jamison Fairweather. Six months after calling off her wedding, she returns to the only place that will give her peace.
Haven House.
Ready for a bit of rest and relaxation, Jamison settles in for a long weekend at home, but when supporters of her estranged cousin come calling, things take a violent turn. A thorn in her family’s side for years, The Zanmi Society gives credence to the ramblings of a charismatic madman, and with a new leader at its helm, their tactics go from benign to deadly overnight.
Caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Jamison turns to the one man she trusts to protect her family, but as he sets out to unravel the tightly woven web of Zanmi, he does so at a price.
Forming an unlikely friendship years ago, Rowan McIntyre has witnessed the woman he secretly loves blossom into a breathtakingly fierce creature learning to live her life without fear. Every day, Annabeth Howard grows a little stronger, and every day, he falls a little harder.
Knowing his reputation makes him the least likely candidate for the role of boyfriend, he begrudgingly bides his time, holding on to the hope that she might one day see him as more than a friend.

Somebody’s Watching Me – Chloe I. Miller

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