Some Cowboys Heal Broken Hearts by Natalie Dean

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Some Cowboys Heal Broken Hearts (Keagans of Copper Creek #5) by Natalie Dean

She’s a drifter who’s seen the worst of the world. He’s an honest cowboy who represents the best. Can he convince her to find a new beginning with him?

Henry Keagan has always been a hard-working cowboy, helping to run his large family’s ranch. At his brother’s wedding, he encounters Athena, a woman whose haunted eyes and skittish nature reveal a life of hardship and solitude. Dressed in overalls and eating a little more than the average wedding guest, Athena is an enigma that Henry feels compelled to understand.

When Athena steps foot in Copper Creek, wearing overalls and a guarded expression at a country wedding, she doesn’t expect anyone to notice her, least of all Henry, a good-looking cowboy with a knack for saving things. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to the kindness in Henry’s eyes—a look that promises safety and a new chance at life.

As Henry breaks down Athena’s walls, they discover a mutual need for healing and a connection they can’t deny. But Athena’s past is never far behind, threatening the fragile trust they’ve built. Will Athena find the courage to stay and accept a life she never thought possible, or will her fears lead her to flee once more…

In Copper Creek, some cowboys can heal broken hearts, but only if those hearts are willing to be mended.

Some Cowboys Heal Broken Hearts – Natalie Dean

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