Smoke Screen by Kimmie Ferrell

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Raphael:To most, I’m the black sheep of my family. Owning Weed the People, an upscale marijuana dispensary located in the heart of D.C., hasn’t helped clean up my image. I don’t care. My main concern is growing my business. Until a chance encounter brings me face-to-face with the one that got away, twice. Ashlynn Harrison is smart, funny, caring, beautiful, and the newly appointed chief vintner of Harrison Family Vineyards. Under the guise of partnering with HFV to create a cannabis-infused wine, I’m determined to show Ashlynn why the third time’s the charm.

Ashlynn:I spent the last five years traveling the world, learning how to be a better winemaker while running away from the pain of heartbreak. Now, I’m back home as HFV’s newest—and first woman—chief vintner. With much to prove and my work cut out for me, a collaboration with Raphael Reed sounds tempting, much like the man himself. It could also set me apart from the vintners before me. However, with our not-so-complicated complicated history, working together could have us on Cloud Nine or cause more than one relationship to go up in smoke.
Four20 Bae… When couples burn together from one end to the other.

Smoke Screen – Kimmie Ferrell ePUB

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