Six Ways to Break by Kelsey Soliz [ePub]

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Six Ways to Break (Hemlock Academy #6) by Kelsey Soliz

For the longest time, Delaney didn’t think she’d be able to attend Hemlock Academy, on account of her magic having a mind of its own. But she’s mostly figured that out, and if a few ill-wishers get caught in the crossfires? She won’t feel too bad.
If she can survive being in class taught by a lion shifter who swears he doesn’t want her, act normal around her best friend whom she’s secretly in love with but is with someone else, and learn to literally live with her twin bodyguardswho broke her heart? Maybe she’ll feel like it wasn’t a bad decision coming there.
It might also be helpful if she leans into more human friendships, instead of idolizing the hot gargoyle statue outside her dorm…

Six Ways to Break – Kelsey Soliz

Download Six Ways to Break by Kelsey Soliz [ePub]

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